Corporative Training

Corporative Training

Purpose also provides a range of specific courses aimed at corporative areas, in order to supply organizational and linguistic needs. Your employee’s linguistic performance is a vital aspect of their professional success.

Our courses are divided in two distinct fields: Corporative Linguistic Courses (CLC) and Specialized Linguistic Courses (SLC).

For the Corporative Linguistic Courses some of the covered areas are:

  • International Banking and Finance.
  • Marketing and Sales.
  • Import/Export.
  • Legal Affairs.
  • Information Technology.
  • Human Resources.

As for the Specialized Linguistic Courses, we offer:

  • Prep courses for learners who are going on business trips or for those who are attending seminars, congresses and conferences. Focusing the study into the area involved.
  • Prep courses focusing the following activities: Giving Presentations, Negotiations, Writing for Business, Diplomatic Language, Discussions and Meetings, Job Interviews (specially oriented to Human Resources professionals), Telephoning (specially oriented to secetrary and personal assistants).

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