A language center with unique characteristics.

Punctual teaching, oriented and objective.

Serving the "target needs" of our students.


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We also offer placement tests
for companies, with the following purposes:

● Selection of trainees and interns.

● Selection processes for employee hiring.

● Evaluate performance of employees in language courses.


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We offer Language Courses with different teaching methods, as well as preparatory courses for different proficiency tests and immersion experiences to improve the desired language.


We provide services directly to companies, such as Leveling Tests for hiring processes, Language Coaching and Corporative Training, focused on the language development for specific purposes.


We have a team of qualified translators to perform certified translations, technical translations as well as simultaneous and intermittent translations, with full equipment for holding events.

Welcome to Purpose!

At Purpose we understand the hectic schedules and time demands place on business professionals and the stress they produce. learning should not be a stressful activity or a burden to students. at purpose the learning process proceeds in a pleasant and challenging way. our proven learning philosophy and methodology allows student professionals to acquire the necessary skills for function within today’s global business environment.

Purpose specializes in individual attention for students to answer specific student and corporate requirements. we offer open learning packages utilizing various teaching materials to meet our students' diverse needs. we work with the student to form a curriculum best suited to his/her objectives, including speech improvement, writing development, phone conversations, and listening and reading comprehension.

Student's Testemonials

"The training I did on Purpose were tailored to boost my career at the right time. Besides responsible and committed professionals, found friends among the faculty of the school."

Yon Moreira da Silva Junior - Movicel

"The teachers' dedication, the administration's support and the methodology applied are exceptional. I recommend to anyone who wants to advance in the study of languages​​."

Antonio Marcos - Siemens

"I felt great participating in the program of English immersion offered by Purpose. I also recommend the classroom due the methodology used, which allows continuous progression."

Antonio Vicente - AVG Acessoria

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