Placement Testing

English, Spanish, German & French

Knowledge accuracy in a foreign language, among all English, is a pre-requisite to accomplish successfuly a number of acticvities in our professional life. Correct usage of idiomatic expressions, grammar accuracy and readiness to reply when questioned, are the result not only of linguistic competence but also of an applicant´s professional communication competence.

A detailed profile of all four linguistic skills (writing, speaking, listening and comphrehension), or aimed at one in special, with the purpose of precising the performance degree and accuracy, is elaborated as a ultimate fase while hiring a new employee, intern or trainee. This can be one of the factors to determine whether an applicant should or shouldnt be hired.

This evaluation process is designed for:

  • Trainees and interns selection.
  • New employees selection – from various areas and segments.
  • Placement tests aimed at recognizing the employee´s/ sector´s/ department´s performances: in order to follow current language courses, thus, avoiding neverending and unproductive trainings. We stablish a coherent program, placing where it should start from and finish at, according to the necessary and expected level of accuracy of each professional, in agreement with his/her current or future role in the company.

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