Translation & Interpreting

Translation, Interpreting and Versions

We offer the below services in the following languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

  • Technical Translation
  • Various areas such as: Legal, Financial, Sales, Marketing, and IT among others.

  • Free and Legal Translation
  • Assisted by a distinguished and highly qualified team of translators possessing a wealth of experience, we offer "free" and "legal" translation work in numerous areas, ranging from medical and managerial, to legal and financial fields.

  • Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation
  • We provide professionally qualified interpreters to execute the service as well as the required equipment including: headphones, commuters and microphones for the audience.

  • Versions
  • We offer academic and technical document versions in a range of areas, involving texts, catalogues, proposals and technical manuals.

  • Proofreading (Orthographic and Grammatical)
  • We provide academic and technical reviews in a number of areas.

    How do we work?

    The requested material will be delivered either by email or cd disc. The final material will be delivered according to the client’s requirements. Total confidentiality is assured, and quality and efficiency are guaranteed.

    What about price?

    The price quotation will be sent according to the following characteristics: type of service (translation, interpretation or version), appointed deadline (urgent or regular), material area (technical, academic or general).

    Questions? Get in contact with us right away!